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What I think of Ms. Balentine

This is a video done by some of my students telling me what they think of when they think of me! It's very warming to my heart and I know I fulfilled my purpose there!



LaTezeon has been a guest on several different education podcasts. Check them out here!

Agent LaTezeon Humphrey Balentine (Giving)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to examine what your students need, whether it be representative books, positive attention or hygiene products, and try to find ways to meet those needs. The special agent assigned to help you with this task is LaTezeon Humphrey Balentine of Natchez, Mississippi.

Agent LaTezeon Humphrey Balentine (Giving) 3/1/2020

P3 #103 LaTezeon Humphrey Balentine

LaTezeon Humphrey Balentine is a compassionate woman of many inspiring talents who is working on finding her purpose and leaving a respected legacy. She is a wife, mother to 3 boys and 3 dogs, an educator, consultant, children’s book author, influencer, mentor, mental health advocate, and literacy advocate for children. Her new book, Fur Friends Forever, is being published by EduMatch.

Purpose Driven

In episode 133 LHB chats with Teach Better Talk about helping others reach their maximum potential, making mistakes, and being driven by a purpose.

Finding the Message in the Mess with LaTezeon Humphrey Balentine

In episode 58, LHB, a secondary English educator from Mississippi, children's book author, blogger, founder of the Mentor program Bright Butterfly LLC, and mental health advocate, discusses how she finds the message in the mess. She also touches on her passion for literacy and motivating students, and her desire to coach and inspire educators beyond her own school and district. To listen, click the Leader of Learning button above.

Relationships with LaTezeon Balentine Humphrey

Kyle and Ben are joined by LaTezeon Balentine Humphrey to chat about her passion for giving. She shares about the food and hygiene closet at her school, her love of animals and working with shelters, her work as a Donors Choose Ambassador, her upcoming children's book with EduMatch Publishing, and much, much more!

Empathy, Literacy, and Empowerment

LaTezeon is a mom of three boys, teacher and founder of September Chances, Inc (a non-profit organization created to show the joy in reading and increase reading fluency and literacy. LaTezeon is also a Donors Choose Teacher Ambassador, dog lover, advocate for mental health awareness, and blogger. She also has a children's book on the way, stay tuned!

Conversation 92: LaTezeon Balentine- The Whole Student

She'll tell you herself that she's "nothing special" when it comes to teaching. But after listening to LaTezeon for 30 minutes, it's clear that she is all-too-modest. LaTezeon shares her story of how she impacts her kids daily. Everything from being a listening ear to founding a school pantry to help feed hungry students. She also shares her experiences with Donors Choose and how it's helped her to help her kids. She also shares her own strategies for staying healthy and happy in her hectic life and why faith plays such an important role in all of it.