Pure Intentions

I was trying to work on book #2 and writer’s block kicked it, typical. I guess too much on my mind at one time. So here I am trying to do what I was already doing, writing. I guess blogging is a way out of chaos. You just take the jumble up words and thoughts and put them onto paper, hoping that they make sense to someone, to me. I am not that big on holidays, especially since the passing of my grandmother. Birthdays are fun to celebrate because they give meaning to the fact that we have survived another year and we are able to continue to strive for our highest potential. I enjoy them (birthdays) for the kids and of course Christmas, but I mainly just focus on spending time with my family as much as possible. God blessed me with three amazing and inquisitive boys and I continue to cherish my moments with them and watch them develop their talents and character. I try to imagine what they may become by analyzing what they like to do and watching their interactions with each other as siblings as well as communication with others. I believe God broke the generational curse by giving me all boys. I’m thankful HE did. My ultimate mission in life is to provide the best possible life I can for my boys, to keep them from harm by being their protector and making sure their needs are cared for as their provider. Most importantly, I am to encourage them to perform, to try, and to love. I want them to have all of the things that I didn’t have and more. I don’t foresee me resting until I do right by them. I pray God allows me to be here earthly to see if my dreams and aspirations for them come true. I hope they know my intentions are purely from my heart.

Two of my 3 heartbeats! ♥️♥️

Photo by Ann H on Pexels.com

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